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Build Motivation with Easy-Peasy Student of the Week

Students LOVE to celebrate themselves and feel special! We ALL like to be recognized and honored sometimes. 

FREE end of the school year student award certificates to decorate


In the past, I’ve had a designated “Student of the Week.” I like to keep things simple and use it more as a time for other students to get to know the Student of the Week better. Some kids need that special attention and thrive on being the line leader and helper. Even older students enjoy it more than they’ll ever let on!

First, I assign all students a week of the year. The short weeks, like the week of Thanksgiving or the week before Christmas break, I don’t assign at all.

Each student brings in a few pictures, trinkets, toys, etc., that are important to them. All I do is put them on display and allow the student a few minutes to talk about them. If the student can bring in some pictures, I will hang those up as well. If the student forgets his photos, I go to Plan B. 

Plan B uses student pictures I’ve taken throughout the school year to ensure that EVERY student has a few photos to hang in front of the room.

I have a basket of “medals” for students to choose from. These are from the FREE set you can receive when you fill out the above form. It has certificates and badges (paper medals) in several different colors. 

Easy ways to help students feel special



Quick, simple recognition awards
Fun certificates for students to color and keep!

I enjoy taking the time to celebrate and learn more about each of my students. They feel special and seem to always be on their best behavior. The extra attention is what so many kids crave and need!