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Excited about …Contractions!

Contractions games have taken over my small group time lately! Playing games with contractions is an engaging way for students to learn while still having fun – they don’t realize that they’re learning!



Contraction Bingo is what students want to play – along with one of the 3 versions of “I Have, Who Has. . .” games!

My students have always enjoyed playing the Bingo game. They especially enjoy taking turns being the caller for Bingo. I try to create a comfortable, stress-free game by playing cover-all Bingo or continuing the play until each student fills their card because some students really struggle with not winning.

After a few rounds of Bingo, students can switch games to “I Have, Who Has…” There are 3 versions included in this Contractions Games on Teachers Pay Teachers.  
They select a version (version 1 includes the most commonly used contractions, while versions 2 and 3 include the common contractions along with the others, which are divided between the two versions) and begin play.




Sometimes, when my students need a change of pace, we use a timer and play a version of what we call “Hurry Up.” That’s when they play I Have, Who Has and they time themselves – always looking to better their times. They ABSOLUTELY LOVE the challenge and it really focuses student attention on the game!


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