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FREEBIE for Getting to Know Students and Teachers

This common noun and proper noun FREEBIE is great for getting to know students and teachers for back-to-school, state test review, or pretty much anytime.

I’ve used this quick worksheet for getting to know students as we return to school in the fall and I’ve used it in the days leading up to the official state tests for reviewing common and proper nouns that may appear on the state tests.

This easy-to-use review sheet is NO PREP for teachers and kinda’ fun for students to complete. I love using it for discussions when we have a few minutes of free time before recess or dismissal.

This little FREEBIE is not only quick, easy and fun for students . . . but it’s educational! Students don’t even notice that they’re learning.

I allow my students to share and compare – all the time checking for proper capitalization.

Hope you enjoy – and good luck in your upcoming testing season!

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