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Percent Proportion and Percent Equation – Power Through!

Teaching Percent Proportion and Percent Equation are some of my favorite lessons! Yes, I LOVE percent proportion and percent equation, and YES – I really do enjoy teaching it that much!!

We begin with percent proportions and then move on to percent equations in that order. These are pretty tough concepts for many students, so this is definitely a time to pull out hands-on activities and manipulatives to inspire and motivate students.

Most of my students need lots and lots of reteaching and practicing with extra reinforcement to learn these concepts and even more practice to keep these concepts. It seemed we take two steps forward and one step back over and over.

Lesson bundle for teaching Percent Proportion and Percent Equation
Students really enjoy foldable booklets and task cards for learning most any subject, but I’ve found that when teaching Percent Equation and Percent Proportion, a variety of activities keep students motivated as they power through the learning. The concepts are tough, and many kids struggle to grasp the concept of a proportion. We draw pictures to bring these ideas to life.
students need lots of practice when learning percent proportion and percent equation
A magnet holds the task card for quick, easy reference

Study percent proportion and percent equation with these effective task cards

You can see the task card hanging on the chalkboard with a magnet. Pretty simple and quick – but super effective and easily read by students.
percent proportion and percent equation foldable reference and task cards
Try to turn the repetition into a GAME
In these pictures, we’re playing a game to see who can win the most points, which can then be exchanged for a small token prize (like pencils, erasers, a sucker, etc.) My class was in need of some motivation here!
The foldable booklet is a terrific reference tool. Students are able to help themselves by reviewing the concept on the foldable booklet rather than asking the teacher or a peer for help. To visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store, click here.  If you are interested in viewing the task cards, click here.
Foldable booklet for teaching percent proportion and percent equation
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