Absolutely FREE Task Card Guide

Inside: Teachers love task cards for a reason and here you’ll find a free task card guide FULL of engaging and fun learning activities that students will LOVE.

Task cards are just the greatest thing since sliced bread (maybe not as great as Doritos, but waaayyy better than sliced bread!!) I’ve been using task cards for awhile in my classroom – they’re so quick, easy, and versatile.

Need some inspiring task card activities? Go read this blog post:  How to Energize Your Teaching with Task Cards.  You’re sure to find plenty of fun, engaging but practical ideas for incorporating task cards into your lesson plans. There are so many types and styles for every subject area – there are plenty to choose from!

I really enjoy using task cards in my classroom for so many positive reasons. Students really enjoy the games and movement – so much better than tired kids just sitting at their seats completing worksheets.

If you haven’t read about how I use them as a Substitute teacher plans, you’ve got to click over there and make yourself some Fuss-Free Emergency Sub Plans!

Here’s the link:  Fuss-Free Emergency Sub Plans! 

While you’re here, check out this FREE resource called “What are Task Cards For?” You’re sure to find some new ideas for that you can use in your classroom starting today.

With so many fun and engaging task card sets on Teachers Pay Teachers that you can find pretty much anything you are looking for (and if you can’t, email me and I’ll see if it’s something I can help you with!!  Julie @ Caffeinequeenteacher).

Here’s a direct link to GRAB THIS FREEBIE:  How to Use Task Cards Freebie!


You’ll find it helpful and your students will LOVE you for getting them up and moving around the classroom. You’ll love using task cards because when you and you students are excited to learn, MAGIC happens!

If you have any wonderful ideas about task cards that you would like to share, please add a comment below or email me and I’ll give you a shout out and update this guide.


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