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Still Practicing our Multiplication Facts!

We’ve been working on learning multiplication facts for several months now – and now we’ve added division facts to the mix.  We’re getting better, but I still have several students who are struggling to learn and remember them.

Several of my resources have addressed these strugglers and I feel like I’ve taught some foundational concepts over and over and over (and over and over and over and over!!!!!!)

I feel strongly about the importance of committing multiplication facts to memory and improving fluency.  That is a gap that has become one of my biggest goals for this year, and I won’t give up! But it’s definitely a battle.

I have one student in particular, an identified student who wants to learn the facts, but often becomes overwhelmed and then tears flow.

He’s a tender-hearted little guy who enjoys working on task cards – I’ll call him “Isaac”.  He flips through them independently and likes to fill in the answer page.  Isaac prefers them on a key ring but also likes playing task card games with his group during math workshop.

These last two sets of task cards were made with him in mind.  This set of beginner-level task cards are called Multiplication and Division Facts Word Problems.


These are word problem task cards that use only basic multiplication and division facts.  They give students practice reading the word problems and learning the format, and because they’re basic facts, they help students feel successful.


I’ve always found that students are especially engaged when they relate to the topic of word problems and images related to the learning activity. These cards are perfect for students who are just learning multiplication and division facts, or for strugglers, like my student, “Isaac”.  He’s a dog lover – what student isn’t? The images are easy for students to relate to, so they’re able to focus more easily.

Once Isaac works his way through the set of Word Problems – Beginner Level Multiplication and Division Facts, he can start on these Comparing Numbers by Solving Expressions – In the Desert!


These Desert style task cards use the greater than >, less than <, and equal to = signs to compare numbers after the students solve some equations.  These cards are great practice for adding and subtracting with regrouping as well as some multiplication.  Hopefully, my students love them!

I love mixing things up in my math workshop, and trying to keep new games and products.  Each of these are for sale in my store, and they will be used in my classroom over the next several days.

I’d love to hear what tips and ideas you have for engaging students in math.