Super Fun Interactive Mazes

Interactive Mazes are super versatile! They’re great for review, practice, and early finishers – plus, they’re so much fun that your students won’t remember that they’re doing a worksheet. And – every student experiences success. If a student misses a problem, he’s redirected to the right route after working out a couple more problems. Each kit comes with 3 mazes!

Interactive Mazes

Distributive Property Mazes with and without Variables

This is a set of 3 mazes – along with answer keys!  Quick, easy, and fun!
These mazes are set up for ALL students to be successful – even if they answer one or two problems incorrectly! Doesn’t it look fun??

Along the same lines – is another set of mazes for Order of Operations.

Order of Operations Mazes - No Exponents, Limited Division

Here are some Basic Facts Addition Mazes:

And for students needing more of a challenge . . .


We can’t neglect Subtraction!

Set of 3 subtraction mazes - students solve problems and succeed!

Solve the subtraction problems and make your way through the maze!

I hope you are enjoying the last several days of school and your time with your students.  They will always remember you!

Have a great summer!!!!

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