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Q & A – Career Education Resource Bundle

The Career Education Resource Bundle contains real-world lessons on career exploration, readiness skills, and financial literacy for high school students. Do you remember approaching high school graduation feeling unsure about your future steps?  High school students have used the words exhilarating and terrifying to describe the next stage of their

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Career Clusters and Pathways Posters

These Career Clusters Posters are great visual representations of career paths and career exploration geared toward high school and middle school students for career readiness, life skills, vocational, guidance counselors, and career exploration classes.

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A High School Graduation Plan is a Career Pathway

This high school graduation plan offers a career pathway for students planning for college, military, 2-year vocational school, or employment as a future goal. Who needs a high school graduation plan? Every student can and will benefit from a well-designed, personalized high school graduation plan focusing on their future goals.

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