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Career Clusters and Pathways Posters

These Career Clusters Posters are great visual representations of career paths and career exploration. They’re geared toward high school and middle school students for career readiness, life skills, vocational, guidance counselors, and career exploration classes.

bulletin board idea for career clusters posters
Career Clusters Posters

If you teach a career exploration class, these bright, motivational Career Clusters Posters are great for bulletin boards and classroom decor. They’ll keep your students thinking about future careers.

Care was taken to include diversity in people, jobs, and ability levels. These posters encourage students to aspire and dream as they develop future career plans.

Using the Career Clusters posters

The posters feature the career pathways developed by the U.S. Dept. of Education. They support student career and college readiness and they make a great bulletin board display, door decorations, or hallway display.

You can easily reference these posters in your teaching during your daily lessons. Refer to them often while teaching. Start class discussions based on students’ individual career interests and ideas about various professions.

The Energy Cluster

The poster set now includes a 17th poster for the Energy Cluster.

I couldn’t decide between the two energy posters I created, so I included them both – you can choose your favorite if your state has adopted the 17th Career Cluster.

Printing these career readiness posters

You can easily print the posters in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ size. They can also be printed in larger sizes using the settings on your printer or copier. Search online for directions for your specific printer or copier to make sure it’s possible.

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