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A High School Graduation Plan is a Career Pathway

This high school graduation plan offers a career pathway for students planning for college, military, 2-year vocational school, or employment as a future goal.

Who needs a high school graduation plan?

Every student can and will benefit from a well-designed, personalized high school graduation plan focusing on their future goals. It’s great pathway planning for high school and beyond.

If you work with high school juniors and seniors, you already know that many students need a plan for their future.

Work? College? Resumes? Applications? Training?

Students are overwhelmed with the choices and decisions they need to make during their last years of high school.

Even if students know the general direction their future is headed, they often aren’t sure of the steps they need to take to get there.

Your students need this High School Graduation Plan.

In this kit, students will reflect on their futures after high school, then begin to map out the path that will take them there. In other words, students will create their own individualized and personalized career pathways.

This is more than career exploration – it’s putting together a detailed list of action steps for them to take.


One example activity guides students to consider 3 careers and list the training needed to attain each career. This activity is important because it forces students to focus on the exact steps they will need to take.

If a student chooses a college path, specific forms are included to help students organize their college applications, scholarship applications, and financial aid.

If a student is considering the US military, forms help students compare the various branches and track the necessary steps to enlist.

The forms included are for these career paths include college, short-term educational (1-2 years) training, US military, and employment right out of high school.

Even More Resources

Personal Essay:

Many college, scholarship, and job applications require a personal essay or statement of a student’s education and career goals. This kit includes a basic outline of a personal essay and an example for reference.


Letters of Recommendation Forms:

Letters of recommendation are important for students when applying for college, scholarships, and employment. Asking students to provide references is very common. Included is a form for students to complete about themselves and their accomplishments, and a sample letter of recommendation.

Resume and scholarship trackers with checklists, a recording sheet for high school activities, and a “Welcome to Adulthood” form with important tips on adult topics.

This entire graduation resource set helps students organize themselves and keep track of important forms and dates.

How can this be used in the classroom?

Teachers may wish to customize a packet based on each student’s individual goals. Or just hand out the pages that each student needs.

I recommend providing a manila folder for each student to safely store their plan.

high school graduates are excited for a graduation plan

These High School Graduation Plans are wonderful for guidance counselors, special education teachers, vocational teachers, work-study, language arts teachers, career exploration teachers, ALL SECONDARY TEACHERS.

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