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Improve Reading by Boosting Confidence

Students often lack confidence in their reading skills resulting in decreased motivation to read and/or learn. Learn what teachers can do to empower students with the confidence they need to succeed in their reading skills.

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image of students preparing for state testing

5 Tips to Prep Your Students for State Testing

Get your students ready for state testing without the stress and pressure. Here are five essential test prep tips for stress-free success.   Spring is an exciting time of year. But spring also tells us that state tests are on the horizon. Teachers have put in lots of hard work.

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How to Solve Long Division Problems

So many teachers become frustrated while teaching students how to solve long-division problems. I know that feeling well; I’ve been there. But teaching long division doesn’t have to be as difficult as that – cross my heart!  I’ll walk you through a few steps that make long division easier for

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Productivity Hacks for Your Planning Time

Busy teachers need these simple tips and strategies to ramp up productivity during their planning time. New teachers and seasoned teachers benefit from using their time wisely. Ok, admit it.  There’s been a time or two that you’ve fiddled around and wasted your planning time. I’ve been there. How many

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