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FREE Worksheet – Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Strategy

Free word problem comprehension strategy teaches students to apply reading comprehension strategies using CUBES or CUBED method – FREE!


This easy-to-use CUBES word problem strategy provides your students with the tools to solve addition and subtraction word problems. This strategy works because students are given a solid, concrete method to organize information.

CUBES word problem strategy helps students understand how to solve story problems

Math word problems are always a bug-a-boo to teach – but they don’t have to be when students break the problem down into smaller pieces.

Concrete Strategy for Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

I’ve tried several different math word problem strategies for teaching students to truly understand story problems. However, CUBES or CUBED is the one method that I keep returning to year after year.

Plus, with these worksheets, students learn to apply the strategies they learn in reading class to their math problems – this brings REAL results!

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Solving multi-step problems is difficult for students, and using either the CUBES or CUBED strategy helps break down the steps. A straightforward, easy-to-understand method also promotes confidence and provides a consistent strategy to follow.

Each page lists either the CUBES or CUBED procedure in a checkbox format. Most teachers are already familiar with CUBES, and with CUBED, the “D” stands for “Draw a picture.” Students are encouraged to draw a picture to help promote comprehension and problem-solving.

I love the twist on CUBES – drawing pictures helps visual learners make the story problem concrete enough to visualize and solve.

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Now for the FREE Addition and Subtraction Worksheet

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Free addition worksheet sample photo
FREE addition worksheet – Click on the image!

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Addition and subtraction worksheets using CUBES strategy
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CUBES addition and subtraction worksheets

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