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How to Assign Just One or Two Slides in Google Classroom

A step-by-step guide for teachers on how to assign students one or two slides in Google Classroom or Google Drive for distance learning.

Here’s a quick post to guide teachers who only want to assign one or two slides from a larger Google Drive resource that includes many more slides.


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Why would a teacher want to shorten a Google Drive resource?

Some Google resources are just too long to assign all at once. Teachers might want to limit the amount of homework a student receives at once or differentiate assignments for students. 

For example, a Google Drive resource might have 20 or more slides included. Most teachers aren’t going to assign 20 slides at a time. They just want to assign one or two at a time.

Follow these steps for assigning just a small part of a larger resource using digital resources made for Google Drive. 

The easy-to-follow steps 

1) Open up the Google Drive File that you want to use. On the left-hand side, choose the slides that you want to send to your students. You may have to hold down the Shift button, or the Command button on a Mac. The slides you chose should be highlighted.


2) Click on the “File” tab and then click on “Make a Copy.” Choose “Selected Slides.” 


3)Give the file a new name and click the “OK” button.


4) A new window will open up with your new file. You probably want to move it into a new folder specifically for that resource in case you want to assign it again in the future.

5) Assign the new file the way you usually do with Google Classroom or through Google Drive.

I hope you found these steps easy to follow. 



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