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Most Memorable Area of a Triangle Lesson Yet

Your students will love this memorable area of a triangle foldable activity because it provides a visual tool for students to understand the concept. It’s perfect to use in interactive notebooks.

Your students are sure to remember this area of a triangle lesson with its silly, funny, and memorable love story!

Teaching the area of a triangle isn’t the most exciting lesson in the world, but that can change with a bit of creativity and a quick, easy foldable activity.

Don’t be surprised when your students roll their eyes at this silly little love story – but that’s the point. This love story is so corny that it will stick in their memories.

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Here’s a quick, fun, and clever foldable that represents a “love triangle.” This memorable tool visually demonstrates how the two halves of a triangle come together to form a complete rectangle.

Students will find this foldable activity useful as a reference when learning about triangles. Plus, it’s the small, silly things that keep ideas sharp and fresh!

The hardest part about finding the area of triangles is remembering to divide the area by 2. This foldable provides a concrete visual that shows the area of a triangle is exactly half the area of a rectangle.

Formula options

In my district, depending on the grade level and depending on the students, we switch from using the formula A=length x width to Area = base x height. There’s also 1/2 base x height.

This foldable offers all of these options – simply choose the option that best suits the needs of your class.


Size options

There are also two different sizes offered in this foldable activity. The full-sized option is for an 8½ x 10-inch paper. I hole-punch the side of the first page, and students put it in their binders.

The second page contains pieces to be cut and glued. Brightly colored paper or plain, white paper decorated with markers, colored pencils, and crayons make it look fantastic!

Option 2 size is smaller and made for smaller-sized composition notebooks that many teachers use for interactive student notebooks.