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Student Leadership Resources for Classrooms

Create student leaders and develop leadership skills with these leadership resources. They’re engaging and enjoyable for students, yet easy for teachers.

Creating Student Leaders doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, I’m here to make sure it’s easy for you as a teacher, yet engaging and fun for students.

Develop the leader in your students

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Create Student Leaders

Many student leadership resources are aimed at a specific program, yet the leadership resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store will work for ALL leadership programs. Even if your school doesn’t follow a leadership program, these student leader resources will work for your classroom!

Due to copyright laws, Teachers Pay Teachers authors can not offer resources for sale that are made specifically for a published program. But you will find resources that can support and enhance published programs.

You’ll find all of these resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store individually and all together in a TIME-SAVING BUNDLE at a steep discount.


Will this Student Leadership Bundle work with my school’s Leadership Program?

YES!! This kit can be used with ANY and ALL leadership programs and is not specific to any one leader or positive behavior program. In fact, you don’t need any type of leadership program at all! These resources are terrific all by themselves and can be used in any classroom or as part of a guidance program!

What’s included?

I’m so glad you asked! 🙂 You’ll want to check out the preview at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for specifics. Remember – if I add new leadership resources to my store, they’ll be added to this bundle for FREE!  Be sure to check out the Product PREVIEW at Teachers Pay Teachers for the updates!

Student Leader Kit For All Leadership Programs and Character Education

Student Leader Kit provides resources to promote leadership and responsibility

If you want to create student leaders, this is the resource to start with. It’s really comprehensive and contains all the basics – goal-setting pages, Reflection pages, leadership notebook (student data binder), leader awards, full-size book or mini-book, flipbook, booklet, posters, and SO MUCH MORE are all included! Click on the picture above to read more about it.

Leadership Goals for Student Growth – Editable

student leaders coloring pages for growth mindset

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These fun, engaging coloring pages encourage student leaders to develop personal goals. Coloring has been proven to calm and soothe students. I often allow students to color pages such as these while they listen to novels, as morning or afternoon work, and for fast-finishers. If your school has a leadership focus, these pages tie in perfectly, and you can edit them to suit your needs!

They’re editable and easy to use for whatever subject or topic your class is studying.

Student Leadership Cell Phone Activity

Students love cell phones, so use this cell phone to design leadership lessons!

This is a student favorite – it’s so much fun! There are so many ways to use this leadership cell phone. It’s great for back to school, the last day of school, or any holiday – and MOST PAGES ARE EDITABLE! Leadership goal setting, getting to know you, writing, or any subject area can easily be adapted for use with this cell phone resource. I use it for bulletin boards – so quick and easy!

Leadership Pledge Posters:

Great for Leader In Me Classrooms!

These 7 Posters Are My Classroom Rules

These posters are my classroom rules. They cover important character education traits and encourage students to respect themselves, respect others, and respect their school. My students refer to them quite a bit (especially when someone is breaking a rule). I hang them in my classroom front and center and we refer to them often.

Leadership Goal Banners For ALL Leader Programs

Display student goals in a Quick, Easy Format!

Fabulous for bulletin boards and hallway displays!

Bring out the leader in your students with these leadership banners. These banners display students’ personal and academic goals in a fun, easy, attractive way. Students LOVE to write about their goals and work to achieve them. The decorating part is fun too! 🙂

Remember – these resources work great with ANY published leadership program – No specific program is necessary.


Data Binder for Students and Teachers – EDITABLE!

Both student and teacher data binders are included, and set up is easy. ALL leadership programs, positive behavior intervention programs, character education, and student council work perfectly with this kit, and progress monitoring has never been easier. Your student leaders will enjoy keeping track of their progress. The forms are editable, which allow teachers to customize the forms.


Student Leadership Habits Flip Book:

7 Traits or Habits of Student Leaders

Your student leaders will LOVE creating this leadership flipbook. Students focus on 7 traits or habits of leaders. Students will write and color as they learn about important leadership qualities and think about how they can improve their own skills.

Leadership Booklet for Character Education:

Student Leaders Flip Book of Leadership Qualities

Create student LEADERS with this leadership qualities flipbook to use with ANY leader training program. Students focus on describing qualities of good leaders – great for leader training, positive behavior intervention, all leadership programs, and student council.

The focus of this flipbook is assigning qualities of a good leader to each of the letters in the word LEADER. The letters and words are L- Learner; E – Enthusiastic; A – Achiever; D – Determined; E – Energized; R – Responsible.

Bonus:  Pennant Banners in Red & Blue or Aqua & Yellow – both sets are included!

Great for Classroom Decor

Pennant Banners for Leader in Me Decorations

These pennant banners are great for bulletin boards, back to school, holidays, and themes – such as Leadership! This kit includes all alphabet letters, along with many symbols. 

leadership resources for students