Figurative Language Butterfly Activity!

This Figurative Language Butterfly is one of my favorite activities of the year! And not just because it means that spring has sprung! It’s no secret that students enjoy expressing themselves artistically – and when you can combine learning – it works! Kids learn!


Here’s a SECRET – these are super-cute hanging in the hall or on bulletin boards!!

It looks like you spent HOURS slaving over them, but they assemble in just minutes!

Spring Butterfly Craft Mother's Day
This is the Figurative Language Butterfly – super easy to create with your class, and a super way to refresh students’ memories about figurative language! And I’ll say it again – this flock of butterflies make decorating your classroom super-easy!!

Spring Butterfly Craft Mother's Day
Taking time out of your busy schedule to make a flock of Figurative Language Butterflies is easy – and Differentiated lessons are a snap.

One way to do it is for your class to work on one section per day – this method is great for students who move at a slower pace or who require more in-depth teaching.

Spring Butterfly Craft Mother's Day
I’ve also allowed students to work on them during free time, or as morning work.
You could also have students create their butterfly independently as station work. Challenge students to find similes online.  Or they could create their own!

Spring Butterfly Craft Mother's Day
You could challenge students to use figurative language based on the spring season, or Mother’s Day (if you want to use this as a gift for moms or grandmas).

I think most of us would agree that students are incredibly creative and innovative. The picture below features butterflies that were colored with highlighters – I wish I could take credit for that idea! There’s no doubt that they look especially bright, fun, and cheerful.

I’d LOVE to see how your students decorated their butterflies!


Don’t need Figurative Language?


Check out this Butterfly Craft for ALL Subject Areas!


This picture below shows what you’re getting in the Butterfly Craft for ALL Subject Areas Resource available at Teachers Pay Teacher:


HAPPY SPRING and Hooray for Nice Weather!!

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