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Spring Butterfly Writing Activity

This Spring Butterfly Craft Activity is a creative end of the school year, spring activity, or novel study for elementary students. I look forward to sharing this craft project with my students every year, and every year I’m AMAZED at my students’ creative ideas.



We all know students love creative, artistic craft projects – and when you can combine creativity with writing lessons – kids learn.


These butterflies look incredible hanging in the hall or on bulletin boards. They’re the perfect way to decorate your classroom for spring.

This spring writing activity works well for whole class large group learning but can be used as station work, free time, morning work, or independent work for fast finishers.

Figurative Language Butterflies

One option included with the butterfly craft set is the Figurative Language Butterfly. It’s easy to create with your class and a simple way to refresh students’ memories about figurative language. There’s a place for a definition, an example, and room for students to draw a picture. 

When my class makes them, I write the definition on the board for students to copy. Then, we brainstorm examples of the type of figurative language being discussed and even create some of our own. Finally, I challenge my more capable students to find figurative language examples online or create their own.

Then students get even more creative when they draw pictures representing their favorite example. I’m always amazed at how incredibly creative and innovative our students are.

The picture above features butterflies that were decorated with highlighters. They look exceptionally bright, fun, and cheerful.

You could challenge students to use figurative language based on the spring season or Mother’s Day (if you want to use this as a gift).


The butterfly writing activity is easy for students to make, and differentiated lessons are a snap. One idea is to work on one butterfly section each day, which works exceptionally well for students who move slower or require more in-depth teaching.


This spring writing activity works well for fast finishers and can be completed as station work, free time, morning work, or independent work.

Once they’re finished, these butterflies make decorating your classroom super-easy. And they look incredible!

I’d LOVE to see how your students decorate their butterflies!

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figurative language butterfly craft for spring - made of paper, this craft can be used for any class or subject area

Butterfly Craft Writing Activity