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Monthly Journal Writing Made Easy

Your students (and you) will love these ready-to-use writing prompt journals. The prompt cards, calendar, and rubrics are simple to set up and use.

Be sure to check out the free sample in the April set for sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Plus, you can save time, energy, and money with the year-long bundle.

Engaging journal writing prompts - students will enjoy the variety of writing prompts and teachers love the time saving process

Each monthly set includes prompt cards, a calendar page, writing papers, rubrics, covers, and checklists. You can customize your journal setup for the month or for a week at a time.

Students will enjoy expressing their creativity through their writing, and you can choose to include pictures along with the writing.

Students become accustomed to writing in paragraph form

Encourage your students to write with a topic sentence, three detail sentences, and a summary sentence – a total of five complete sentences in each paragraph.

Your students will love personalizing the cover if you choose to use one.

With the bundle, you can assemble the journals by week, month, or even the entire year. I generally created monthly journals that students could work on during morning time or downtime.

Example of a daily journal writing prompt with space for students to illustrate their writing

As a teacher, it’s incredibly rewarding to read what students write. Their responses range from serious, honest, funny, and innocent. It’s an amazing way to really get to know your students.

Monthly, daily, or weekly writing journals with prompts make great keepsake writing journals

Grading is a breeze with the quick and simple rubric.

Just circle the description that matches each student’s writing skills, calculate the points, and multiply by 5 for a percentage out of 100.

Journal writing prompts set for students include rubrics that make grading quick and easy for time-crunched teachers

These writing journals make wonderful keepsakes for students and their parents.

Plus, you’ll love watching the progress students make throughout the school year. These writing journals truly capture their growth and development.

Looking for another type of writing? Check out these Quick-writes journal prompts! You’ll love the variety of prompts and editing checklist!

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