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Differentiated Long Division Worksheets for FREE

Grab these differentiated long division worksheets FREE while boosting student and teaching success!

You’ll LOVE these differentiated long-division worksheets. They use a visual method of teaching long division that helps students learn more quickly.  

Best of all, you can try this strategy out for FREE! Teachers love that this simple strategy supports each student’s needs, so it’s easy to individualize.

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Long Division and Student Struggles

Long division is pretty rough for both students and teachers. The sheer number of steps is confusing for students. They can’t remember what to do next.

Teachers often rely on tricks, pneumonic devices, posters, and other activities to push students in the right direction.

Here are just some of the hang-ups that students face:

  • Not knowing basic multiplication and division facts
  • Confusing the steps of the long division process.
  • Not aligning their numbers and columns.
  • Messy handwriting – they often can’t read their own numbers!

You can help your students finally understand the procedure with the right method and tools. And it’s simple!

About Differentiated Long Division


You’ll immediately notice that these long division worksheets contain shapes. That’s the differentiation strategy.

Students quickly see the steps as they solve long division problems. In addition, the shapes on these worksheets visually guide students as they match each shape and know where to write their answers.

By simply remembering that “Circles go with circles” and “Squares go with squares,” students gain confidence, leading to success.

How Differentiated Organizers and Worksheets Help Students

These differentiated long-division worksheets and organizers help students in a few different ways:

  1. Guide visual learners through the long division process
  2. Alignment of numbers and columns
  3. Neatness and number size – improve graphomotor skills
  4. Essential for visual learners and visual discrimination
  5. Assists visual discrimination
  6. Organized writing = organized thinking

Remember – Proper alignment is critical to success with multiplication and division!

long-division differentiated-on-graph-paper
Grab these FREE long-division worksheets

How to Use Differentiated Worksheets and Organizers in Your Classroom

You can use these worksheets today to help your students:

  • Differentiate and support individual student needs by providing just the right level of support.
  • Scaffold and individualize as students work towards independence.
  • Introduce long division to your class with these worksheets.
  • Use during small group time or individually for practice and re-teaching with the teacher’s guidance focusing on needed skills.
  • Re-teach and review with struggling students – they’re perfect for intervention and RTI.
  • Assign as homework or independent work.

Video Directions for Teaching Long Division Using Shapes and Colors


Where Can I Get These Worksheets for FREE?


Click RIGHT HERE or on the photo above to download two FREE worksheets. You’ll receive a long division organizer worksheet and a long division on graph paper worksheet. Neither worksheet has any remainders. They’re FREE to try!

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