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2-Digit Multiplication Worksheets: Differentiated

Here’s a visual method for teaching 2-digit multiplication using differentiated visual cues to guide students’ learning for success.

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Teachers and students love this simple approach that can be customized to meet the needs of every student.

free differentiated multi-digit multiplication with the standard algorithm free from Caffeine Queen Teacher

The standard algorithm blues

You might refer to 2-digit multiplication as double-digit multiplication, long multiplication, and multi-digit multiplication. The standard algorithm requires that students know basic multiplication facts reasonably well.

The more fluent students are with basic facts, the more brainpower they have for learning the procedure. And that’s often part of the struggle students face.

Additionally, students must:

  • Follow the correct procedure, which has many steps.
  • Line up their numbers and columns.
  • Write neatly (Ack! So many kids can’t read their own writing – that’s another blog post for another time) 

When it comes to 2-digit multiplication, there are too many chances for students to make mistakes. Plus, students just don’t get it!

About differentiated 2-digit multiplication

Students can see the steps as they solve multi-step multiplication problems. In addition, the shapes on these worksheets visually cue students and guide them toward successfully solving the problems.

Frustration can be drastically reduced because students can see the progression of the steps. As a result, they’ll gain confidence and finally understand!

By simply remembering that “Circles go with circles” and “Squares go with squares,” students gain confidence that leads to success.

free differentiated 2-digit multiplication practice pages from Caffeine Queen Teacher


How this strategy benefits students

These differentiated 2-digit multiplication worksheets and organizers help students in a few different ways:

  1. Guide visual learners through the multiplication process
  2. Alignment of numbers and columns
  3. Neatness and number size – improves graphomotor skills
  4. Assist visual discrimination
  5. Organized writing = organized thinking

Remember – Proper alignment is critical to success with multiplication and division!


Use this method in your classroom

Here are some ways you can use these practice pages to help your students today:

  • These pages work wonderfully to differentiate for individual student needs.
  • Use as scaffolding as students work towards independence.
  • Use these worksheets to introduce and reinforce multiplication skills.
  • Small group time for practice
  • Reteaching needed skills with the teacher’s guidance.
  • Homework or independent work as a review.

How do I teach students using this strategy?

Check out the short video below. It will show you the basics to get you up and running quickly using these organizers.

Where can I get these worksheets for FREE?

You can grab two different sets of shaped math long division organizers.

1. The first way to try these practice pages is by signing up for our emails.

You’ll receive a set of practice pages featuring the shaped multiplication organizers and grid paper – graph paper multiplication. Complete directions are included.

2. The second way to try these practice pages is by clicking the image below to visit TPT.

Click here to grab a 2-digit multiplication organizer worksheet set with an organizer practice page and a 2-digit grid-paper (graph paper) multiplication worksheet FREE!

This set of practice pages is for beginners and has NO REGROUPING.

double-digit multiplication worksheets with the standard algorithm for free from Caffeine Queen Teacher


All differentiated multiplication and division sets:

The 2-digit x 2-digit multiplication set below features color and black-and-white standard algorithm organizers and student practice pages. Click the image below to visit TPT for more information.

The multiplication set below is perfect for students who are new to multiplication with the standard algorithm. This beginner’s set starts by guiding learners through the steps with shapes and color cues. Visit Teachers Pay Teachers to check out the beginner’s level multiplication set.

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All Multiplication Resources – Check out all the multiplication resources offered in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Long Division Differentiated Worksheets and Organizers – When you’re ready to work on division, here are the perfect tools to use.


The Ultimate Bundle of Multiplication and Long Division

ALL multiplication and division math organizers and worksheet sets – with shaped math AND graph paper sets:

The Ultimate Bundle of Multiplication and Division – This Ultimate Bundle features everything you need to teach all levels of multiplication and division to all learners – fantastic for all learners, especially beginners, special education, and intervention students.

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