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Improve Student Spelling with this Easy Hack!

Here is my latest love – a “Spelling Sandbox”!!  This spelling sandbox  can improve spelling study skills for students. They’ll be having so much fun, they’ll forget that they’re studying spelling words.

study spelling words in the sand

Once upon a time, I saw and loved (and used successfully!) this idea from Pinterest. The original Pin was very simple from Kindergarten is Crazy Blog. Here is her pin:

Improve student spelling with this simple hack!

I like the idea so much, that I created five Spelling Sandboxes and my students used them (and fought over them) several times a week during word work time.

They’re very simple to make, inexpensive, and you get a big bang for your buck!

First, you need sand! I got these bags from a local plant shop, but bags of sand are available from craft stores and home improvement stores.

Improve spelling study skills with this simple hack

Next, you need a pencil box – the ones I used were less than $1.00 at Walmart! Get them during the Back to School sales!

All of my students LOVED this station and spelling work became much more fun and less of a chore. And once they are made – you have them for years to come! Who knew it would be so easy to improve students’ spelling skills?

Need a quick and easy hack to improve students’ reading skills? Check out this simple DIY Reading Hack!

Hack for helping students reading improvement

Click on the picture to improve students’ visual tracking with a simple hack!

What are your hints, tips, and tricks to improve students’ spelling skills? Please leave a comment below and give me some wonderful ideas!