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Place Value – the Package for Success!

I love this rounding anchor chart for upper elementary classrooms. My students reference it a lot as we’ve been reviewing place value and number sense during math. I hear them reading and repeating the rounding poem at random times during the day – not at all bad!

The Rounding Anchor Chart

Rounding anchor chart for student reference in the classroom
Rounding Anchor Chart

If you feel comfortable, it’s a great mini-lesson and loads of fun to make the anchor chart with your students.

I often cheat – I usually sketch out an outline or idea of how I’ll set up my anchor chart ahead of time (I’m not known for being creative or artistic!), and I feel better about designing the anchor chart while students are watching. Sometimes, I already have the main ideas and words written on the chart and I simply add details and “flair” (doodles!) while students are talking.

My anchor charts stay up for the entire unit, allowing students to reference it whenever needed. My students and I discuss and practice the words and meaning together so that students truly understand what they’re reciting. It’s easy to forget that there are a lot of steps to rounding, and this anchor chart helps students remember.

Teaching and Reviewing Place Value

Place value and rounding skills are popping up in lessons again in our weekly review time. During that time, I pull out lessons and activities that we worked on earlier this year. Some of the pages that I pulled out were from my Place Value and Rounding Pack.

Huge Place Value and Rounding Kit for 3rd and 4th graders Rounding task cards make practice more fun than regular worksheets

Sorting mat for rounding provides hands-on, interactive practice for students

A laminated Place Value Chart allows student to practice over and over

Place Value Mini-Posters from the Rounding and Place Value Kit

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I enjoy pulling out some review pages and have learned that they make planning for a substitute teacher easy breezy!