Back To School Teacher Tips to Jump Start Your School year!

7 Back To School Tips Every Teacher Needs

Inside: Back to school time for teachers is the busy, chaotic season. Here are 7 teacher tips for preparing your classroom, your workspace, and your mindset for a calm, efficient, and enjoyable back to school season. Strong beginnings are important, and starting a school year on the right foot promotes

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Figurative Language Butterfly Activity!

This Figurative Language Butterfly is one of my favorite activities of the year! And not just because it means that spring has sprung! It’s no secret that students enjoy expressing themselves artistically – and when you can combine learning – it works! Kids learn!   Here’s a SECRET – these

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Teaching Money Skills – Part 2

  ((If you’d like to read Teaching Money Skills Part 1, click here!))  Part 1 takes us from the very beginning stages of teaching students to work with coins up through basic identification.   If you’re reading these Teaching Money Skills Blog Posts in order, you’ll remember that we’ve gotten

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